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Launch an initiative, a project, a platform… Don’t worry about the admin. We will take care of it.

GenevaHostingInn (GeHoIn) is an apolitical association under Swiss law. It hosts projects, platforms and initiatives across the spectrum. You choose your hosting formula, from a simple mailbox to administrative assistance. If you need, we can supply you with a fiduciary or human resources management or organise events. GeHoIn can also close projects and structures for you.

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An overview of GenevaHostingInn


At GeHoIn our ultimate goal is to promote ideas in the non-profit sector. We have extensive experience of NGOs, International Geneva and global governance. We love multilateralism, action and projects that inspire! 


Have a base and/or a legal status in Geneva without being here

Is your NGO based abroad, but you want a postal address &/or a bank account &/or hire staff in Geneva? Do you need a Geneva-based footprint?

Call GeHoIn! It’s simple. You explain what you want : we will work out a budget, agree a time scale, and guide you round the risks and opportunities. We look into the possibilities and advise you the best option(s)…and that’s it!

You can be present in Geneva!

Être créatif

You are a donor or creator of a platform, a project, an idea, an initiative that has an objective but not (yet) a legal structure?

At GenevaHostingInn we can help you become               “just like” a legal structure.

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